Dr Azim P H Somani

Azim Pyarali Hussein Somani (born 8 October 1955) is an author and founder of APHS Group. Somani arrived in the United Kingdom in October 1972 as a refugee following the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by Idi Amin. Somani has played a key part in several documentaries and news broadcasts documenting the journey of Ugandan Asians

Somani studied at Aga Khan Boarding School in Masaka, Uganda and led one of the family businesses Bahati Mines near Kisoro Uganda. In the UK, Somani served in the British Army and public service in South Manchester and Cheshire.

Since 1984, Somani has been involved in various businesses and studied English Literature, Cultural History and Imaginative Writing, Forensic Science and various other subjects. Somani has since written a number of published novels and has featured in various TV broadcasts.

News and Documentaries
Somani has participated in a number of Television Documentaries and News broadcasts about the journey of Ugandan Asians, their expulsion and their successes in the UK. These include BBC, ITV, Granada and ITV Wales.

BBC: A Very British History – Ugandan Asians
Somani featured in the BBC Documentary, A Very British History: Ugandan Asians. This documentary covered the journey of Ugandan Asians since the migration in 1972 and the success story of the community.

ITV: Tonight Show – Proud to be British

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by Idi Amin, ITV requested Somani feature in ITV Tonight Proud to be British.

ITV Wales This Week – Wales This Week – Adopting The Dragon:
ITV Wales followed that story back in 1972 and now with the perspective of 40 years, Wales This Weekfeatured Somani and showed what families faced and how they moved on with their lives since that time.

ITV Wales -Returning to Tonfanau
Somani took on the role of head of the family at the age of 17 when his family came to the UK. ITV Wales followed him as his returned to the camp with his son Shamir.

Other Broadcasts
In addition to the above Somani has also featured on the below to share his story and experiences of the Expulsion of Ugandan Asians and their experiences in the UK:

Somani has written the following novels:
  • Shattered Lives: Sitting on Fire
  • Shattered Lives 2nd Edition
  • It Never Happens to Us…
  • Shattered Lives in the Pearl of Africa
  • Prisoner
Somani supported the community through his work with Vale Royal Citizens Advice Bureau for a number of years and later becoming a trustee for the Citizens Advice Bureau. On the 8th of September 2003, Somani was awarded the Citizenship Award for services to community by Mr Gerard Houllier – the then Manager of Liverpool Football Club in company of Lord Alton and Professor Michael Brown.

Somani is the CEO of the following businesses
  • APHS Group
  • APHS Ltd which is a global specialist ICT and Management Consultancy
  • British Publishing Corporation which is a highly recognised publications organisation