Food and Drink

The World of Curries:
The Love of Indian Spices
Nabat A Somani
ISBN: 978-09550998-1-6

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Recipes in this document have been prepared and composed by an individual who we call the Lady Master of foods.

Our Lady Master of Foods learnt plenty from her late mother and has also prepared many of her own delicious recipes which, many have enjoyed and can’t wait to get their hands on this unique book, orders are already flooding in.

Recipes are traditional and tasty, they include Indian, African and Western sweets, Vegetarian Dishes, different Meat Menus and Refreshments. A truly magnificent collection which will serve any occasion.

This book is an absolute unique collection of Indian cooking with a touch of African influence. The creator of these recipes was born in Africa to a family of Indian immigrants, cooking was the passion of this family and the creator from her childhood has worked and composed Indian recipes.

To the lovers of curry, this book is the ultimate guide to your cooking. A truly timeless collection which will be enjoyed by families for generations…