Special Edition: Shattered Lives – Sitting on Fire

Life with Giant Cell Arteritis

ISBN: 978-0-9550988-8-5-5

RRP: £19.99

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This book is a journey of one lady whose life is turned upside down with Temporal Arteritis also known as Giant Cell Arteritis.

She was immediately upon diagnosis treated with steroids to avoid the risk of blindness. This document gives a complete account of her suffering with side effects including rounded face, medically known as Moon Face, weight gain, legs swelling, glaucoma, cataract, swollen neck, obstructive sleep apnoea, vascular disorder and more.

This is an informed account of how such an obscure condition can bring so many shocking realities to an individual’s life, not only emotionally but medically. Life with Giant Cell Arteritis is a comprehensive account of many side effects this illness creates and the respective on-going treatments.