Never Happens

It Never Happens to Us…

It Never Happens to Us…

ISBN: 978-0-9550988-3-0

RRP: £14.99

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Mr Dan Rogers, a family man with his own business, a law abiding citizen and then the bombshell, he runs into difficulties. This changes everything, his destiny, in fact – the entire course of his life. The story portrays the resilience of man, how will he face his difficulties? Will this change him as a person? What will happen to him? Where will fate take him and then what about his family, he has four young children? Where and what will all this lead to…?

‘A Fascinating Read’ The Daily Mail

‘An action-packed story… full of emotions – a must read!’ Yash

‘A remarkable story! Who knows what tomorrow will bring’ The Lady Master of Foods

‘The resilience of man is incredible; this is what this story is conveying’ The Author